• The Church at Brook Hills Sermons, featuring David Platt

    Dr. David Platt offers some of the most Christ-centered, convicting and challenging preaching today and is one of Spencer’s personal favorites.

  • Desiring God Sermons, featuring John Piper

    John Piper is one of the most influential preachers today. God has gifted Piper with an incredible command of scripture and a deep love and passion for the glory of Christ.

  • Capitol Hill Baptist Church Audio, featuring Mark Dever

    In the heart of our nation’s capital, Mark Dever and Capitol Hill Baptist Church proclaim the truth of the gospel without compromise. Dever is a brilliant preacher and has become one of the most influential figures in leading churches to become more Biblically-grounded.

  • Mars Hill Church (Seattle) Sermons, featuring Mark Driscoll

    Not to be confused with Mars Hill Church in Michigan, Mars Hill Seattle is unabashedly Christ-centered as it seeks to engage post-modern Seattle culture with the truth of the gospel. Many churches sacrifice truth when engaging post-modern culture, but Mars Hill is not one of them. Driscoll offers powerful, thoughtful, challenging messages rooted firmly in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Covenant Life Church Sermons

    Joshua Harris may be the senior pastor at Covenant Life, but he is not afraid to share the pulpit with other members of Covenant Life’s pastoral staff, pastors from other Sovereign Grace churches, and occasionally with the church’s founding pastor, CJ Mahaney. Covenant Life benefits greatly from this as it draws from the most consistently-gifted, Biblically-sound stable of preachers around. The church therefore offers solid Biblical truth from a variety of perspectives in a way of which most churches could only dream.

  • John Macarthur – Grace to You Radio Messages

    For decades John Macarthur has been faithfully teaching the Bible one verse at a time, be it from the pulpit of Grace Community Church, on the radio, at The Masters College or Seminary, or on television. Macarthur has long been one of the foremost proponents of Biblical orthodoxy, and his Grace To You radio messages have touched thousands of lives across the country.

  • Immanuel Baptist Church Sermons, Featuring Ryan Fullerton

    You have probably never heard of Immanuel Baptist Church in Louisville, KY, or of Pastor Ryan Fullerton, but you will not be disappointed when you hear Pastor Ryan’s powerful, challenging, clear, gospel-soaked preaching. He may well be the best preacher you’ve never heard of.